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Welcome to Counterpoint! This is your guide to writing beautiful blog posts. All of Counterpoint’s default formatting options are summed up right here.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.


In all of my themes, <h1> tags are reserved for site and post titles. They do not have any special formatting.

Header Level 2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin arcu ipsum, mattis et laoreet eget, ornare vitae quam. In sagittis est ac nunc tempus tincidunt. Morbi nec ipsum condimentum, convallis leo quis, molestie enim. Curabitur nec felis non neque rutrum accumsan scelerisque in nulla. Nulla at rutrum lorem. Nunc sed placerat enim. Suspendisse dictum tempus enim vel viverra.

Header Level 3

Donec orci diam, mattis non dui quis, posuere lobortis est. Suspendisse placerat nunc ut dolor placerat, euismod suscipit turpis euismod. Aenean at lacinia metus. Sed sit amet ipsum molestie, aliquet augue sed, congue tortor. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

Header Level 4

Phasellus adipiscing, elit nec mollis rutrum, odio justo bibendum est, eget dictum tellus nisi consectetur ipsum. Nunc sed mi orci. Vestibulum nec ante dictum, tincidunt enim tempus, convallis erat. Donec eu nibh eleifend, ultricies lorem sed, euismod ligula. Vivamus ipsum mauris, accumsan nec mauris in, consequat pharetra leo. Fusce quam sapien, blandit vitae arcu ut, ultricies volutpat quam.

Header Level 5

Integer augue lectus, accumsan eu laoreet a, ullamcorper in odio. Mauris vehicula libero vitae elit fermentum, malesuada egestas nibh iaculis. Aenean a placerat diam. Vestibulum nec nulla massa. Vestibulum vitae nunc turpis. Etiam porta tellus a tellus malesuada posuere vitae at nunc.

Header Level 6 (and an <hr> for good measure)

Fusce quis massa id nulla commodo consequat quis et leo. Quisque sit amet ullamcorper metus.

Aenean facilisis, magna non ultricies porttitor, ligula lectus vestibulum nulla, quis hendrerit orci quam vel erat. Nunc volutpat erat ante, vitae ullamcorper quam imperdiet at. Vivamus nec ornare dui, eu accumsan neque.


Banksy Schlitz deep v, cred selfies artisan semiotics Austin PBR biodiesel mlkshk retro kitsch. Tofu readymade Cosby sweater paleo Wes Anderson Williamsburg, cliche deep v viral four loko next level meggings tousled. You probably haven’t heard of them hella flexitarian, Marfa meh kitsch iPhone jean shorts.


Ordered List

  1. Put on silly hat
  2. Run around screaming wildly
  3. ????
  4. Profit

Unordered List

  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Cereal
  • Bread

Nested List

  1. Level 1 Ordered List, #1
  2. Level 1 Ordered List, #2
    • Level 2 Unordered List, #1
    • Level 2 Unordered List, #2
    • Level 2 Unordered List, #3
      1. Level 3 Ordered List, #1
      2. Level 3 Ordered List, #2
      3. Level 3 Ordered List, #3
  3. Level 1 Ordered List, #3
  4. Level 1 Ordered List, #4



Image with Caption

Image via morguefile.

Image via morguefile.

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Floated Image

Kogi Portland Tumblr narwhal food truck Godard. Intelligentsia Tumblr McSweeney’s sriracha single-origin coffee pork belly narwhal, High Life plaid Austin before they sold out. Plaid pickled 8-bit PBR Marfa, photo booth cornhole Pitchfork vegan McSweeney’s hoodie drinking vinegar four loko Neutra. Bushwick normcore deep v, seitan viral tofu Williamsburg umami before they sold out. Literally authentic keffiyeh, lo-fi ethnic umami semiotics Brooklyn salvia. Gluten-free ethnic direct trade viral Blue Bottle VHS sartorial crucifix. Lomo gluten-free mixtape actually, flannel pour-over wolf locavore swag.

Floated Image with Caption


Fap gluten-free biodiesel literally. Chillwave gentrify raw denim sustainable skateboard Bushwick. Jean shorts distillery paleo, Helvetica vegan yr gentrify +1 try-hard chambray disrupt. McSweeney’s 3 wolf moon roof party, ethnic food truck try-hard viral. Fashion axe hoodie retro seitan, letterpress tattooed mustache wolf chia. Twee +1 locavore Austin. Cosby sweater wolf chillwave, ethnic letterpress semiotics pug.


All you need to do is copy in the embed code from YouTube and Counterpoint does the rest!

Like so:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Numbers Letters HTML
1 A Looks
2 B Pretty

That’s it!

Go forth and blog.